While many people feel reluctant to claim for compensation, it is important to bear in mind the reason that compensation is available. Money will not bring your health back. We all know that. But your health problems may cause you inconvenience and expense that you would not have had if your employer had properly protected you from the effects of asbestos.

In serious cases, where lives are shortened as a result of the illness, loved ones may be left in financial difficulties. The compensation system in this country is designed to put you and your family back in the financial position that you would have been in had the illness not occurred. Lost earnings, loss of pension and cost of care make up major parts of compensation claims.

While you may not require much care now you normally have only three years from your diagnosis to make your claim. Many of the care needs may not come on until after that time but experienced solicitors can ensure that the right evidence is available to provide for the future. Using a solicitor experienced in asbestos claims is essential. Many claims attract awards of compensation in excess of £100,000.

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